~We miss you every day & we love you always. -Dadda & Mamafrog.

4th Birthday 2008 
Birthday memories: We had Vinny's 1st Bday party at Papa's Pizza. He was so happy! His cake was a huge chocolate one & he had it all over his face & hands. He decided to share, & took a drooley chocolaty finger & put it right in Mamafrogs mouth, lol. It was a big party with lots of family & friends. 
Valentines Day 2009
Valentine's memories: One year we gave Vinny a Star Wars themed Valentine's. The tin of candy had Darth Vader on it & we spent the whole weekend having light saber wars.
Cards, messages, letters, updates, & love for Vincent Humphrey / Vincent Pierce-Wiek
Easter 2009
For Easter we liked to go up to The Candy Farm. It was a family tradition started by Gramma Bubble when Dadda & Aunt Saro we're little. Vinny loved all the hand crafted candies & the candy makers would give him free treats for being so cute.
5th Birthday 2009 
Vinny wanted his second Birthday party to be at his favorite park, Imagination Station. All his Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, & cousins from our sides of the family were there. He was having so much fun at the park with his cousins he barely even wanted to open his gifts!
Siri's 1st Birthday party invite 2009
Vinny was so excited about having a little sister when Angela  was pregnant with Siri. He went to all the prenatal appointments each week he was here & loved watching the baby bounce around on the ultrasound screen. If Siri had been a boy Vinny wanted the baby's name to be Caillou.
Copy of cashed check from Vinny's 2009 Xmas Card
Vinny told Gramma Bubble he was so happy that Dadda had sent him a Christmas card with money in it. Now he could buy the present he had wanted so much but didn't get for Christmas. We were so happy he finally got to see a card from us, we love you Vinny!
Halloween 2009
Halloween was one of our favorite holidays together. One year Vinny just couldn't decide whether to be Jack Sparrow or Spiderman with muscles. He wore them both every day for months during his Dadda-time. We went trick or treating with all the cousins. Vinny called Angela "Mrs. Mouse" because her costume included the sparkly mickey ears we got when we all went to Disneyland together in 2007.
Valentine's Day 2010
Vinny enjoyed shopping with Dadda for Valentine's day gifts for Mamafrog. He also loved making cards with Mamafrog & Dadda, often for Gramma Bubble, for all sorts of occasions. He had a whole box of stickers & scrapbooking stuff for cardmaking & arts & crafts time.
Every year the "Easter Bunny" still leaves an Easter basket at Gramma Bubble's house for Vinny with lots of goodies & little toys inside. He doesn't get to see her very often anymore despite the visitation order, but we'll always do it anyway, because we're thinking about him & we love him.
Easter 2010
4th of July 2010
Vinny loved the 4th of July. Fireworks, badminton, smoke bombs BBQ's. When he was a baby we would let him wear ear muffs any time there were fireworks going off nearby because he didn't like the noise. Later he loved it. Especially the smoke bombs & pop its.
Vinny was born on his Dadda's birthday, so they have the same birthday every year. Papa's Pizza & Bullwinkle's were a couple of his favorite places to go for a party. We went to both of them quite often, to burn off all that energy, lol. He loved it.
6th Birthday 2010
Halloween 2010
Halloween is Gramma Seaside's (his name for gramma Cindy) favorite holiday. We took Vincent to the beach every couple months so he could enjoy knowing his Grandma & Grandpa Seaside. They spoiled him with pudding & jelly beans. We would go to the Seaside Aquarium & feed the seals & we'd ride the carousel every time we went there. He loved the arcade too.
Every year we went to see Santa with Vinny. When Vinny was 3, he loved The Polar Express. We got all the cousins, Grandpa & Grandma, Aunts & Uncles together & went on the Polar Express! We boarded the train & it left for the North Pole. We had cocoa & cookies, they checked our tickets like they did in the movie, & when we reached the North Pole Santa boarded the train & talked to every child. He gave Vinny a bell.
Christmas 2010
Valentine's 2011
​Sometimes we would go up to Mt. Hood. Vinny played in the snow with Dadda & Mamafrog. When he was a baby, he loved to dress up in snow gear or earmuffs, but he didn't like to actually touch the snow itself. Later, you couldn't keep him out of it!
Easter 2011
​Springtime we often could be found at the zoo & hiking waterfalls. Vinny hiked many waterfalls along the columbia scenic hwy. His favorite was Horsetail Falls. On hotter days like in the summer, he liked to watch Dadda swim out under the waterfall, then hold Dadda's hands while they walked out into the waterfall pool. Mamafrog would take pictures & tell them how crazy they were to be in the cold water. It was a favorite picnic spot. 
Kindergarten Graduation 2011 
Vinny we are so proud of you! You are growing up so fast & we wish we could be there to tell you how proud of you we are. We love you.
7th Birthday 2011 
Vinny you are growing up to be an amazing young man with a big heart. We're excited to hear you're enjoying baseball. You loved playing baseball with Dadda & Grandpa Jay, ever since you could stand up. You got your first real baseball glove from your Dadda for your 3rd birthday. Dadda & Grandpa Jay both played baseball too. We love you big guy!
Thanksgiving 2011
We sent Halloween & Thanksgiving cards but only copied Thanksgiving. Fall memories: We would go to the Pumpkin patch at Leopold Farms with all the cousins. Vinny loved to play on the fire truck & was so brave in the dark & scary corn maze, helping his cousins thru. We would carve pumpkins together & make leaf rubbings.
Siri's 3rd Birthday invitation
Siri had her 3rd birthday at home with her cousins. She said she wished her brother Vinny could be there with her. She doesn't understand why his Momma doesn't want him to see all his family. She says she loves her big brother very much. We told her it's ok to think that it's sad, & to just give him as much love as she can on the rare occasions he's allowed to visit Gramma Bubble. We packed up some of her blizzard cake for her to take to Gramma Bubble's & share with her brother. They got to have a little birthday party together. He went shopping with Grandma Bubble & he got Siri Playdoh for her birthday. They had a great time playing playdoh together. Vinny is such a good big brother to his little half sister Siri. 
Christmas 2011
One of Vinny's favorite Christmas presents was a Razor scooter. He liked it because it wasn't a little kid scooter & he was growing out of the trike he had gotten for Christmas when he was 2. He would ride the scooter when we took our evening walks together. He had the pretend crash down to an art-form. He would go go go, then do a super slow motion crash into some grass, then look up with the most hilarious expression on his adorable little face. We would do sound effects for his crashes, he loved it. 
In the colder months, Vinny would always ask to share Mamafrogs "big comfy robe". Mamafrog would open up the robe & Vinny would climb on in with a huge smile, cuddling up together for a family movie or morning cartoons. Dadda would make everyone popcorn & cocoa.
Easter 2012 
Spring time memories: ​Vinny loved to help in the garden. It was one of our favorite things to do together as a family. He was great at watering. He helped plant flowers, berries, vegetables, & herbs. He loved picking the berries & eating them. We painted a frog garden stone together & it still sits in the garden at the front door. 
Along with letters every 6mo asking to see him, we also send gifts & cards to Vincent for every holiday. Vinny's Grandpa Buddy passed away in November of 2008. He loved Vinny so very much. Vinny always made him laugh. 
Every 6 months we send a letter asking if Vinny can see us, see the rest of his family, let us buy him an ice cream, or just let him say hi. 
We save copies of every letter, email, card, document, picture, etc since Vinny was born, so when he's ready he can see everything, hopefully helping him know he was always loved, by his whole family.
Photo Gallery

We took the 2nd photo for Vinny, in fond memory of the 1st photo from our Disneyland trip together with lots of family. Siri thought it was pretty cool to be in the same car as Vinny was in the photo, we wish he could have been there with us. Miss you buddy!! 
4th of July 2012 
This card has a pic of Vinny celebrating 4th of July with one of his favorite fireworks, colored smoke bombs! He also loved pop its & snakes. We must have went through 100 smoke bombs that year alone. He loved watching fireworks. Since he was a baby he had a special pair of earmuffs he wore whenever we did fireworks, to keep out the noise, just like his sis Siri now does.
Kate Walker (auntie) What a sweet big brother :)
January 8

Christy Barlow-Warneke (aunt) So stinkin' cute!
January 8

Charlete Craig (aunt) He is getting so big man I miss him. This is such a cute pic of the two of them.
June 5 

Angela Wiek He is!  We all miss him to pieces. ♥ you sis!
June 5 

Shelly (family friend since birth) He does look like Seth
June 5 

Angela Wiek Yes, he's a sweetheart like Seth too. & I see a bit of his mama's looks too, a perfect blend of both his parents, such a cutie :)
June 5 

Christy Barlow-Warneke (aunt) My goodness he's gotten so big!
June 24, 2011 

Denise (2nd cousin) Total cutie pie!!!
June 24, 2011 

Kate Walker (auntie) That is sooo cute! I really miss that little guy.
June 24, 2011 

Angela Wiek (stepmama) Me tooooo! He is so sweet to Siri ♥
June 24, 2011 

Charlete Craig (aunt) WOW he is growing so fast I sure do miss him what a cutie guy, Love you VW miss you so much xoxoxo
June 24, 2011 

Angela Wiek (stepmama) He's gotten big, & he is exactly 1 1/2 inches shorter than Seth was at that exact same age, lol
June 27, 2011
~Your cousins all miss you & ask how you are all the time
Summer 2012 visit with Gramma Bubble. Zoo, Beach, Oregon Coast Aquarium, Blue Lake Spraypark with Siri. August 2012
We've all been looking forward to a visit for so long! Vinny & Siri had a great time together at the Oregon Zoo, then they got to go on a beach trip together. Spent the night at the beach house, then off to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. After all that they got to go to Blue Lake Park together, a favorite place of both Vinny & Siri's. We packed them a picnic & towels & Grandma Bubble said they had an awesome time. Siri says she gave her brother Vinny a great big hug in case it's a long long time before she gets to see him again.

~We love you Vinny! We thought about you all through your whole visit, as we do everyday. We sent some snacks we thought you'd enjoy & some arcade quarters with Gramma Bubble for you & Siri, we wish we could enjoy these things with you again. We're so happy you finally got a Gramma Bubble visit, a pretty nice one too it was only cut short by 1 day this time! Someday maybe we can all have some summer fun again, your whole family together, cousins too, they miss you! We all miss our beach trips, camping, waterfall hikes, river days, park days, fish hatchery, picnics, Oaks Park days, & all the other summer fun things we used to do together. We hope your summer is a super fun one, we miss you & we love you always. -Dad & "Mamafrog". (Everyone still calls us the nicknames you gave us, Gramma Bubble, Mamafrog, etc. Makes us smile.) -August 16th 2012
Vinny's 8th Birthday! 2012
Some Birthday messages for you:

"Happy Birthday to two amazing guys! So glad you guys are family!" (Aunt Christy Warneke, Aunt & Uncle Christy & Randy, cousins Spencer & Tyler)

"Happy Birthday Vinny! Love always, 'Gramma Seaside'"

"Happy Birthday sweet Vinny you are such an amazing big brother and we all miss you so much.
 Auntie Charlete Uncle Alex MacKenzie Savanah Destiny and well Brayden that you never got to meet you guys will someday be the best buddies."

"Wow...you are 8....we remember you as such a little guy, can't wait to see you again, we love you and miss you! Todd, Patty, Jasminne, and Ilyssa"

"Birthday Vinny, your gowning up so fast. Hope you had a great Birthday and many more to come." Auntie Nicci Loundree

"Vinny! Happy birthday Vinny! Love Great Aunt Lani Hope you had lots of fun and presents!"Great Aunt Leilani Elizabeth Barlow

"Happy birthday sweetie! Can't believe you're 8! We love you and miss you tremendously, especially your cousin Alissa! Xoxoxo uncle Matt auntie Erin and the crew!"

"I guess all I can say is that you guys are family to us and it's been plainly obvious to me how much you love him, and I hope someday he will get to know that. Of course Siri is my BFF, but I wish Vinny could be a part of that, because your family is my family too! I only got to meet you a few times, Vinny, but there are so many people here who love you so much and I have seen that love first hand!" Cherise Jones - Family friend & Siri's best friend

Halloween 2012
Thanksgiving 2012
Right around this time of year when Vinny was just turned 3, & we were getting excited to go ride the Polar Express for Christmas, some Christmas commercials started airing early. One commercial had a huge toy store in it & we all started talking about how fun it could be to live in a toy store. VW (His favorite nickname back then) was deciding which toys he would want first & looking very excited. Then he got a worried look on his cute little face & said "Dadda, Mamafrog, I can't live in a toy store, who would open all the packages for me??" We all laughed & assured him we would help, always such a funny, clever lil man!
11/11/12: We know you never get any of the cards & gifts we send, but we hope you got Gramma Bubble's Birthday card at least. She tried to call a few times to say Happy Birthday like she always does, & to try to plan a visit with you, but she hasn't heard anything. We hope you had a wonderful birthday Vincent, & we all love you very much. ~Dad, Angela, & Siri.
Christmas 2012
Valentine's 2013
1/28/2013 - Siri has a message for you:
"Vinny, I had soooo much fun with you at the aquarium. Thank you for playing with me at Gramma Bubble's New Year's Eve slumber party, where we saw New Year fireworks, you're my favorite brother ever!! Love, Siri.

St. Patrick's Day 2013
Easter 2013
Siri loves to decorate your cards for you, she loves you & misses you lots. Happy Easter Vinny :)
Earth Day 2013
We finally got to see Vinny!!!!!! Reunited after 5 long years & we are all so happy. Lots of tears, lots of love, lots of memories <3
If we're ever parted again, know we love you & we'll wait for you.