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Vincent Humphrey / Vincent L Pierce-Wiek 
Photo Gallery - Memories Together
Memories with our favorite little man.
Exploring a safari jeep at the zoo with Dad
One of the many zoo days with Dad Gramma Bubble, Great Grandma Lynne, Mamafrog
Getting ready for stories with Mamafrog & the cousins
Playing blocks with Dadda, showing off the cool new kicks
Goofing off with Mamafrog @ Gramma Bubbles
Playtime at Washington Park
Blowing out candles, 1st birthday cake with Dadda
Sharing 1st birthday cake...& a little drool, with Angela
Visiting Santa - age 2
Vinny in a bucket - family pic day
Sleepy time Dadda love
Playing @ Papa"s Pizza
Zoo train with Dadda
Zoo concert with Dadda & "Mamafrog"
Playing with his dragons @ Gramma Bubble's
Coloring Easter eggs with Mamafrog & some cousins.
Disneyland with the fam - 2007
Caterpillar ride in A Bug's Land - Disneyland 2007
Watching Parade of Dreams - Disneyland 2007
Toontown - Disneyland 07
Meeting Santa on the Polar Express - 2007
Holding his infant half sister Siri Ahna Wiek
Tickle fights with Dadda & Sisko, our family dog.
Learning to swim with cousin Spencer 
Naptime, super cozy style
Hiking Latourell Falls with Gramma Bubble, Dadda, & Angela
Vinny & Siri at the zoo
Tired after a nice long zoo day
Dadda & Vinny playing "kaboom" on the stairs, a favorite game of theirs.
Vinny & Siri playing with all Vinny's toys
Vinny seeing some of his cousins for the last time.
Vinny helping Dadda & Mamafrog in the garden, playing in the pool & sprinkler.
Vinny feeding the lorakeets at the zoo
Vinny & Siri playing elefun, he let her catch them all, such a sweet big brother
Spaghetti Vinny
Playing with Siri, that bear used to hold him!
Flying kites in Hood River with Dadda & "Mamafrog"
Digging & making sandcastles at Seaside Beach with Dadda, Mamafrog, & our dog Sisko. 
Swimming Horsetail Falls w/Dadda
Snowday on Mt. Hood with Dadda & "Mamafrog" (Angela)
Playing on the beach with Sisko, Dadda, & mamafrog
Photo Gallery

Siri's 3rd Birthday party with Vinny, he got her playdoh & they shared her blizzard cake. She was so happy he could share birthday fun with her. 
From Vinny's baby & family albums <3
Vincent loved wearing his earmuffs for fireworks, or loud noises, or just for fun whenever, lol
Vinny had such a great time at our wedding with us. He wasn't allowed to see us again for over 3 months after our wedding day, but it was a great day! The drums pic was his 1st birthday presents, after his party at Papa's Pizza.
Vinny & Mamafrog taking a beanbag nap, more at the wedding, & bottom left at the zoo. We had a membership so we were there all the time with Vinny, lol.
Vinny's 1st birthday!